AstaSkin, nature´s way to protect the skin!

AstaSkin, nature´s way to protect the skin!
April 9, 2019 KeyNatura
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AstaSkin – The idea and innovation

AstaSkin is an Icelandic food supplement made especially for the production of healthy and younger-looking skin. Dr. Lilja Kjalarsdóttir is the inventor and researcher of this brand new skin formula. Dr. Lilja, graduated with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science from the University of Texas in the year 2011, and has been working for KeyNatura and SagaMedica as our Head of Research and Development since January 2018 and took the position of COO when the two companies merged, as SagaNatura, in the fall of 2018.

Dr. Lilja Kjalarsdóttir

AstaSkin is aimed towards women and men over the age of 30 years old. However, according to Dr. Lilja, people as young as 20 years old could benefit from the supplement, as it can help to delay breakdown of the skin. “The older you are, the quicker you will see results and the more evident they will be. People as young as 20 years old can use the supplements, but they might not see immediate results due to their skin still being so young. However, they will see long-term resultsandtheir skin would age a lot slower!‘” Dr. Lilja also mentioned that testers of this product have seen improvements in their skin within as little as two weeks. Wrinkles were less obvious, the skin felt more moisturized and softer plus many have mentioned the reduction of acne.

How does AstaSkin benefit my skin?

AstaSkin benefits the skin in many ways and is an all-in-one skin product. The blend contains 3 key active ingredients plus a variety of vitamins for optimal skin health. Astaxanthin from SagaNatura is produced in a sustainable way using high-tech green houses, renewable hydroelectric energy and pure Icelandic water. It protects the skin against UV rays and harmful environmental pollutants, maintains moisture within the skin and maintains the structure of the skin to prevent it from breaking down and forming wrinkles. It keeps the skin strong, healthy, soft, supple and reduces wrinkles considerably!

Each sales unit of AstaSkin contains doses for up to 30 days (2 capsules per day with food). Each capsule contains 6mg of Astaxanthin, 30mg of Myoceram™ ceramides and 250mg of fish collagen. As stated by Dr.Lilja: “The reason for having 6mg of Astaxanthin and 30mg of Myocream™ is due to the fact that these exact measurements have been used in many clinical studies and have shown positive results in human skin. Therefore we decided to mix these substances together in our formula using this exact dosage.“

As AstaSkin is a food supplement and not a cure for aging, Dr. Lilja recommends continuing use of the supplement even after seeing results in order to continue keeping your skin healthy. “It is possible to take the supplement every other month, rather than every month or you could start taking it every month and then lower the dosageas you begin seeing results.“ Dr. Lilja also mentioned that the supplement will first and foremost benefit those sensitive to the sun (sun eczema), suffering from dry skin and those living in cities where the environment is harshest to the skin due to pollution and stress.

The key ingredients of AstaSkin

The first and possibly most important ingredient, Astaxanthin (6 mg), protects the skin from photoaging. Photoaging is a term used to describe the damage caused to the skin by harmful UV rays from the sun. Photoaging accelerates the aging of the skin and when exposed to a lot of radiation the skin loses its moisture and becomes very dry. 

The second key ingredient is Myoceram™ (30 mg), a ceramide extracted from rice husks. Ceramides can also be found in the uppermost layers of our skin and are waxy lipids (fats) that act as a protective barrier to prevent the loss of moisture from the top layers of the skin, keeping the appearance of the skin firm and plump. The uppermost layers of the skin are  water resistant and this resistance becomes weaker as we grow older which results in drier skin and wrinkling.

The third key ingredient is Collagen (250 mg) the main building block of the skin, maintains the fibrosis of the skin – which means it preserves the connective tissue of the skin.

Each capsule also contains many of the following vitamins that promote healthy skin by working together with the three key ingredients.

  • Vitamin A – help maintain healthy
  • Vitamin C – helps promote normal collagen production in the
  • Vitamin D – has a role in the cell division of our
  • B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B7 (biotin), B12 – help maintain healthy, glowing

How do we age?

As you age, your body‘s production of free radicals increases due to your body‘s cells communication systems becoming less balanced and less efficient. A free radical is an oxygen atom or a group of oxygen atoms with an odd number of electrons. Free radicals form when bonds between electrons in molecules are broken and an uneven number of electrons remain, making it unstable and highly reactive. The free radical needs an extra electron to make up for the uneven number and therefore steals an electron from a nearby molecule. This leads to the fact that the molecule that had its electron stolen, now turns into another free radical trying to steal electrons from its neighbors, causing a toxic domino effect within our bodies, thus possibly severely damaging living tissue. An increase in free radicals can lead to a higher chance of developing diseases such as Alzheimer‘s, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Parkinson‘s and cancer, and also age-related symptoms like wrinkles, osteoporosis and cataracts.

Antioxidants and free radicals

Free radicals can be found in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. To protect our cells from freeradicals,wehaveaninbuiltdefensemechanism:antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that fight the damage made by free radicals, by giving electrons to the free radicals and thereby neutralizing them. However as we age we need to increase our consumption and use of natural chemicals that are high in antioxidant properties. Astaxanthin happens to be one such naturally occurring chemical that is known as the king of antioxidants.

Antioxidants, especially Astaxanthin, are incredibly popular among athletes. Free radicals form at a faster rate during intense training and high intensity cardio because of excessive oxidative stress. Therefore it is necessary for athletes and people who workout a lot to increase their intake of antioxidants.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a strong reddish pigment that belongs to a group of naturally occurring chemicals called carotenoids. Carotenoid is the name given to plant pigments that give fruits and vegetables their bright red, yellow and orange colors. Carotenoids can be found in the cells of a variety of plants, algae and bacteria. Astaxanthin occurs naturally in certain algae called Haematococcus pluvialis and is the pigment that gives shrimps, crabs, salmon and even flamingoes their deep pink or red colour. Animals cannot produce astaxanthin and therefore have to acquire it from their diet.

Astaxanthin antioxidant activity

Within the healthcare industry Astaxanthin has also garnered a lot of attention as having one of the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in extensive scientific research. Astaxanthin is 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C and 500 times more powerful than vitamin E in various antioxidant capicities. Because of this we need a smaller dose per serving of Astaxanthin compared to vitamin C and vitamin E. Below you can see how rich in antioxidants (ORAC value) Astaxanthin is compared to well known superfoods.

Astaxanthin antioxidant activity

Using brand-new technology, we at KeyNatura produce Astaxanthin from green algae which we grow ourselves in our underwater greenhouse. The algae produce Astaxanthin to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun and turns red due to the pigmentation of Astaxanthin. Our researchers at KeyNatura radiate the algae with strong lights to promote the production of Astaxanthin in the algae, which the researchers then extract and use in the AstaSkin formula.

Astaxanthin and human health

Our skin, muscles, ligaments, eyes and cardiovascular systems are all receptive to Astaxanthin due to it being a highly active antioxidant. Apart from being used to treat our skin, Astaxanthin has also been used to treat a variety of health conditions such as Alzheimer‘s disease, Parkinson‘s disease, stroke, high cholesterol, liver diseases, age-related vision loss and has even been used to prevent cancer.

AstaSkin is the first of its kind – mixing together various vitamins and three super ingredients into an all-in-one formula for the skin. A food supplement guaranteed to give you beauty from the inside out and slowing down aging of the skin. AstaSkin is available in all major pharmacies and supermarkets in Iceland and is also available here online, we ship worldwide!, Yamashita, Miki. Carotenoid Science, 2007, 11, 16-20.