KeyNatura will have a presence in Sweden through Human Power

KeyNatura will have a presence in Sweden through Human Power
October 22, 2018 Baldur
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SagaNatura has agreed terms with Human Power, where the companies will work on making a presence for the KeyNatura brand in the Swedish market through marketing and sales.

Human Power’s story

Human Power was founded in autumn 2006 by Anette Brink. The idea was born during a pilgrimage in Spain. In the fall of 2016, Anette suffered from cancer for the second time in her life, and realized that it was not only good and good self-awareness but also what stress and wrong diet and nutrition make us sick.

Through illness and challenging professional life, Anette formed the idea of ​​being able to convey the human power within us through the insight, awareness and development of each individual’s unique resources.

Anette’s warm and natural way has been a great success as a teacher helping many people in their personal development as an individual, leader or employee.

Modern organizations place new demands and strains on leaders and employees. A social system, regardless of whether it concerns an individual, a group or an organization, is largely a self-organizing system. Consensus between people is a prerequisite for a developing and productive working life.

Systematically managing the working environment creates profitability
Personal development individually or in groups gives awareness that behavior, achievement and goals give economic benefits.

SagaNatura’s COO, Dr. Lilja Kjalarsdóttir said of the deal: “We look forward to the cooperation and we are excited to get such a passionate company represent our brand in the Swedish market”.