KeyNatura & SagaMedica merge to form SagaNatura

KeyNatura & SagaMedica merge to form SagaNatura
September 30, 2018 Baldur
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KeyNatura and SagaMedica have officially merged and the new name is SagaNatura. The two companies have been working closely together with great success for about a year and the merger went officially through this summer.

SagaNatura is a leading Icelandic company in natural products and has success stories both in home market and abroad. SagaNatura’s products can be found in Iceland, Sweden, Canada, USA, UK, Latvia, France, China and New Zealand.

SagaNatura’s COO, Dr. Lilja Kjalarsdóttir said in the national business newspaper of the following about the merger:

“The merger has been in the works since the beginning of the year and came through this summer. We are first now introducing the newly formed company under the SagaNatura badges, even though we have not revealed our new logo yet. We are keeping the two brand names KeyNatura for our algae products and SagaMedica for our A. angelica herbal products as they have already established themselves in the home market. This also gives us the opportunity to grow in the future and take more brands into our portfolio in the future if we decide to acquire other companies, but that is one way we see potential for growth.

SagaNatura looks forward to a bright future and the company can’t wait explore the opportunities that lie ahead.